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5 red flags every woman should look for when considering a job at start-up

There is a moment at every work place when you know time is up. There is a mental switch that looks a lot like that scene in Closer when Natalie Portman tells Jude Law that she doesn’t love him anymore. For me it’s just like that. I’ll be fine for a while, chugging along making effort, making excuses and then one day I’m just done. This is what happened last summer.

It was a gift really. A job hunt is an excellent time to reassess what is important to you. What you can live with and what you can’t. The ideal makeup of your new workplace.

What I found in my search were 5 red flags (there are more than 5 but I’m trying to keep this shortish) that give me pause when I’m considering applying for or accepting an offer from a new company. I want to begin by saying that just because these things are red flags for ME, it doesn’t mean that they are shitty companies or places where you couldn’t work. All I’m saying is I’ve been around the block and as an almost 33-year-old married lady with a 3-year-old daughter, there are some things I’m just not gonna put up with anymore.

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