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Women Work is now Good Job

When I started Women Work three years ago I wanted to create a new way to assess companies based on the environments they created for women. Since then the goal of Women Work has evolved to be more inclusive, intersectional and data driven.

I'm super excited to announce that Women Work is now Good Job!

We have a new name, new logo but the mission remains the same: Empowering individuals to be happier at work while at the same time holding companies accountable for the environments they create for their employees.

The new platform contains a tool that will allow you to track how you feel and your interactions with your colleagues. Quantifying your experiences allows you to identify trends in your interactions and helps you optimize your work day so you can be happier at work.

We believe that your workplace environment has a huge impact on your ability to be happy and productive at work. So while you're tracking events you have the option to answer 3 quick questions about your workplace environment. We believe that healthy workplaces are diverse, inclusive, pay people equally for equal work, and consider their impact on their community and the environment. These questions will tell you if your workplace environment is a healthy, based on factors we know are import to you.

The power behind Good Job is information sharing. While you can use the tools to benefit your own wellbeing, you are also helping improve the workplace wellbeing of your peers. There is no way every worker across industries to unionize, what we can do is share our own individual experiences and use our data to inject transparency into workplaces. We have the power to demand better, healthier work environments and Good Job gives you the platform and the data to enable you to use that power. Thank you for following along on this journey. I hope you'll join us by signing up for Good Job.

Krisserin Canary

Founder + CEO

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